Client with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I was never in doubt about Stephs abilities. I had initially rang to cancel my appointment and wasn't going to bother with therapy at all. It was only that Steph actually took the time to call me and see what was going on. I imagine this was probably a difficult phone call for her because in that moment I wasn’t ready to open myself up, I wasn’t in a particularly good place and I wasn’t really that bothered in pretty much anything. Steph eventually talked me into attending my appointment which spoke volumes about her capabilities as a therapist, and one that genuinely wants to help me help myself.

Treatment was clearly needed and long overdue but my thoughts around taking on any help always managed to get in the way and make me struggle just one more day at a time. I soon ran out of other avoidance strategies and once I had it was only then I realised how big the hole was that I’d dug myself into.

I feel no shame or guilt around this topic anymore because I understand more in depth about how I react to emotions, how that reaction makes me think and behave.

I would massively encourage people in similar situations to do the same. The good thing is the treatment was accessible as a result of the online portal and it gave me a sense of accountability that I needed, in order to make what I would describe as a success of the treatment process.

I know it will be an on going concern but I now have the understanding that I didn’t before, I have learned skills I previously didn’t have and developed techniques to manage in ways that I previously didn’t. I couldn’t have done any of that without Stephs expertise. So thank you :)



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